You can actually match it with any tank in the game and be successful. This is since of his 2 shot capability and power to close down inferno dragon and tower.

He’s basically a spell resistant Zappy with a spawn Zap!

Synergy well with the popular Ice Wizard, Ice Spirit andZap Also works well in a pinch if you combo him with Skele Barrel to close down a big swarmy push.

His stun while not as outstanding as Zappies, he does provide a great deal of energy!

That being stated, I do choose Zappies over him for rather a great deal of scenarios. E.g. Zappies stun locking a Giant! Or a Prince, however rather actually everybody runs Fireball nowadays leading me to play this bad kid a fair bit more.

I likewise discover that he works a lot much better vs 3 Musketeers decks since he like I stated previously, he synergizes well with zap!

The primary reason I do have him this low is because of Zappies! Other than that he is simply terrific to have in practically any deck!

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