All 25 Story Mission Guide for Gangstar New Orleans

Next to Turf Wars, Gangstar New Orleans offers a story that is split into 25 missions – here you will see a whole walkthrough and how to solve all of them.

Completing all story missions in Gangstar New Orleans will get less important to you when you start conquering turfs, but completing them will offer you a lot of extra bonus rewards and I can only recommend you to finish them – also it’s quite entertaining comparing to the simply missions you find in the turf areas.

Complete All Story Missions Walkthrough

In total, there are 25 story missions in Gangstar New Orleans. I will not only show you how you can complete them but also what level your should be to be able to beat them.

If you’re not motivated to do them, please take a look at the rewards you get for each difficulty level you master:

gangstar new orleans story mission walkthrough

#1 Intro

If you start Gangstar New Orleans for the first time, you will start the Intro mission automatically.

You will meet Alain and rescue E-Man.

#2 Sous-Chef

Find E-Man’s assistant and destroy the product.

#3 May I take your order?

Help Alain put his new plan into action.

#4 Dealing with the Dealers

Take out the gunrunners

#5 Witness Protection

Help put the corrupt judge behind the bars.

#6 High Drive

Help Marie’s predictions come to pass.

#7 Early Release

Break the moonshine kingpin out of prison.

#8 Not Astrophysics

Steal the carbon phenolic from the space agency.

#9 Non-compete agreement

“Recruit” a new cook for E-Man.

#10 Warm reception

Help Marie’s predictions com to pass, again.

Bugs after the mission.Already happened to me in other missions!

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