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Asphalt 8 Airborne How to get Nitro for free

The Nitro it’s one of the important thing in the game, if you want to be fast and the first one you need  to use the nitro to help you to win. you can get them for free in more ways  and you don’t to buy with with your money, don’t spend your money for Nitro.

How To Get Unlimited Nitro

i will explain to you how to get it. There are more than one way to get it.  and every time the nitro finish just do one way of they and will make it full again.

Drifting: it’s one of things you need to do to get nitro for free. and drifting didn’t give you just a nitro it will give you also points. the´n if you drifting you will get nitro and points. both of them and that’s something great.every time when your nitro finish you need to drifting to get again full nitro. IMG-20170420-WA0008[1]

Jumps: in every stage there are always something you can use to jump. and some of stage they asking you to do it for one time or three time and you will get star for that. but also if they didn’t ask you to do that. you need to that do get free nitro from it. every street you driving in. try to search for anything to jump and get full nitro.Jump

KnockDowns: here you need to destroyed other cars players. that’s will give you also nitro, points and will help you to make them more late to get you. but the important of that to get the  nitro for free and it’s easy to do that.Knockdown

Nitro Boosts: it’s easy to get them. you can find them in the street and  shortcuts. but not just there, in every place you can find 2 or 3. but you need to be also the first to get them before the other players. because if you late a little bit you will  missed it .then drive fast and be the first one to take them first.Nitro Boosts

Flat Spins: also flat spins give you more nitro when you do it in the right way. you need to drive a fast in the car and then run to near flat ramp, do a micro-drift with string steering and press triply nitro quickly.and the nitro to be full it’s depend on the jump and how much flat spins you did in one jump.

Flat Spin Near Misses: when you drive in the traffic you will there are a lot of cars and you don’t need to have accident with them, you need to drive so close to them without touching and in this way every time you do that, it’s will give you also nitro for that.Near misses Barrel Rolls: you will see in  every stage have Ramps and you need to use them to get nitro. and it’s also depend on how much barrel roll you will did in one time, one ,tow or more. if you can do it than one time you will get more and more nitro.Barrel RollBuy Nitro Boosts: you can buy nitro with if you have money, but for me will never spend my money for something i can get it for free in more than one way. but if you have more money you can buy from the shop. you can see them also before the race starting and choose whch one you need.Nitro Shop

How To Use The Nitro In Best Way

Keep the Nitro for the last parts: it’s one of the good ways you can use. if you find hard to get more nitro in the racing. you need sometimes to save the nitro to the last part of the racing. because that’s will help you to get the first one in the race.but if you have enough nitro then you don’t need to save them.

Nitro Starter: here you can use the nitro in the start. when the racing is start, use the nitro to be the first one. because the nitro bar will be full in the first time.

Perfect Nitro Trigger: when you use the nitro it’s will make your car fast, but if you do perfect nitro it’s will make your car super fast and more powerful. and to do that you need to click on the nitro and you will see the nitro bar in the above screen. when you click on the nitro, the bar nitro will get a red, hit it again and you will do a perfect nitro, or hit the nitro one time and then wait a second and hit it again. you will see how it’s will work. try it.Perfect Nitro With Fast Cars: if you racing with a fast car and become close of her, you need to use the nitro to pass it. and do that for tow or three time and you will be the first. but don’t use it with the cars not fast. save them for the other.

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