Asphalt 8 Airborne – Tips and Tricks

Asphalt 8 Airborne Explaining

it’s one of the amazing video racing game. if you interesting in racing game you need to download this game it’s fantastic characterized by high-definition’s support IOS ,Android and Windows Phone. if you want to to race and win, you need to know every detail in this game to play easily and  win in the race game. And the great similarities between the drive in the life and drive in a game drive. you can improve the car skills with same tools in the real life and is the same expensive.

General Trips

  • Try To Earn all The Stars One Every Stage

  • The unlock-able is the most important in the game you need to try to get them. the stars are good when you need to purchasing on game-items. every time you will a new star, it’s help’s unlock a one-time.
  • Use The Shortcuts in Every Stage

  • if you want to be the first one and big space between the other, you should to use the Shortcuts.if your car not fast enough ,with using this way you will be like a fast car. in this way you will be the first.
  • Drifting

the drifting will make your nitro full, it’s the easy way to do it. you don’t need to buy a nitro from shop for your racing. when you start racing just what you need to drifting maybe for 10 second and your nitro will be full. JUST DO IT

  • Be Save- No WRECK


when you drive try to be save, and don’t make any accident or any damage.because imagine yourself in the front and you have am accident and now you will back to the 6TH or 7TH it’s bad.and try to keep your eyes also on the stage because they are tacks and turns maybe will damage your ride.


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