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Asphalt 9 Free Tokens Without Hack

See here how you can get free Token & Credit for Asphalt 9 Legend, the latest Asphalt game.

I am certain that any Clash of Clans player eventually got to the point to browse the web for a method to obtain totally free Gems without investing cash. The issue is, there are lots of phony services out there that will either fraud you, get you on harmful e-mail lists that will spam your or perhaps threaten your Clash of Clans account to get taken down forever.

No one desires that!


The bright side! There is a way that will let you make free Gems.

  • You do not require a Credit Card or a PayPal account
  • No matter where nation you live (U.S.A, Europe, India, Indonesia, and so on) – this works for everybody
  • No e-mail address or other individual information required
  • 100% Operating and compliant with Clash of Clans – no have to fear a restriction

Look here, that’s exactly what I simply made in the past 30 days (these are the real screenshot of my accounts):

free giftcards for mobile games without survey


* obviously this would also work for Google Play Gift Cards, however I utilize iTunes

In overall, that’s more than $200 worth of gift cards that I utilized to purchase 28,000 Gems with – without investing one single dollar of my own in simply one month!

Are you prepared? I will now reveal you detailed how it works. This entire thing works smooth as a charm – I will reveal you some apps that you have to set up (which are totally free and you can erase them after a few minutes again) and you will make credits/points for that – points that you can turn into real gift cards later (see the end of this page)

Prior to you begin! (Essential!)

The initial step prior to you can begin making free Gems from any nation worldwide is to register for the right tools.

Please ensure to download 1 app at each of them prior to you continue with this guide. If you’re currently registered at one of them, just skip the action and get the other ones.

Step 1: Get AppBounty (HERE)


I’m utilizing AppBounty since 2014 myself and got a great deal of giftcards from it (as you have actually seen above). Just inspect back everyday for brand-new deals and frequently they also hand out points every day or provide you a booster with 15% additional points.

You do not require anything to register (no e-mail or anything else) – just CLICK HERE to get AppBounty and download a minimum of 1 app

Step 2: Get FreeMyApps (HERE)

freemyapps logo


If you’re utilizing Android, this is most likely your finest option to obtain. Bottom line I advise utilizing all them because frequently as few of them use other apps to get points that the others do not.

Attention! Do not be puzzled that you just see USD giftcards there, I will discuss below how you can utilize them, no matter in what nation you’re living.

CLICK HERE to get FreeMyApps (as well as get 200 additional points after you downloaded your very first app!)

Step 3: Get CashForApps (HERE)



The 3rd and last tool I advise is CashForApps. They have the ability to make you a great deal of totally free apps you can utilize to get points, they also use the $5 giftcards that are much faster to obtain.

CLICK HERE to get CashForApps


If you got set up with all 3 of them, you’re prepared to continue. I actually advise you to utilize AppBounty, FreeMyApps and CashForApps at the very same time!

Many times you will see an offer getting more points on among one of them or also uses that you do not see on the other ones.

I invest like 10 minutes a day doing all them and get 3-4 giftcards each week easily.

asphalt 9 free tokens real working no survey

Now that you have actually done this, you can continue making points & credits with these apps.

The reason I advise utilizing all them is that each of them has app deals that the others do not use plus in some cases the very same app rewards a greater worth on among these 3 services.

If you have actually made adequate points & credits, you can turn them into a genuine Gift Card for iTunes or Google Play then purchase your Tokens & Credits with it – like I made with the ones I have actually revealed you in the screenshot above.

You see, this is why they are legal and working, you’re really purchasing the Tokens & Credits from the store however without investing YOUR real cash on it.

This will keep your account conserve and you do not have to hesitate of any restrictions.

Free Gems With Gift Cards from ANY Nation worldwide!

I understand much of you originate from nations like India, Indonesia or lots of other nations that aren’t particularly noted there.

That’s since Google and Apple do not use Gift Cards in your currency, however that’s no issue!

Neither Google nor Apple cares at all where you lie and I will reveal you in this short article how you can quickly utilize these Giftcards with no issues. All you have to do is:

  • Modification the currency of your Google Wallet (if you use Android)
  • Modification your area of your AppleID (if you use iOS)

The technique behind this is that you can begin redeeming USD giftcards and purchase gems with it and after that you can quickly change back.

Do not hesitate you will not lose your account! All you do is establishing a brand-new address and this will not alter ANYTHING on your gadget or in your apps! You likewise do not have to invest the gems right now – they will stay in your Clash of Clans account no matter where you alter your address to!

I will now reveal you how this deals with Google Play initially and below on Apple gadgets.

Attention! I extremely advise utilizing USD since there are no currency swings in USD.

Likewise set your area to some address in California!

Some states charge an additional tax and you do not wish to lose any of your gift card! California does not charge taxes for in-App purchases!

Ways to utilize Google Play Store Gift Cards all over the world

Here’s how it works – let’s state I purchase a gift card in Australia in Australian Dollar and return the home of Germany I cannot redeem it since my currency is Euro.

Now there is something I can do to utilize it: I simply alter my Google Wallets House address to someplace in Australia then I have the currency Australian Dollar active for the Play Shop, no matter on which put on the world I’m presently remaining.

Now I can redeem the gift card code from Australia and purchase myself some gems with it and later, I can change the House Address back.

Action 1: Change Google Wallet House Address:

Here’s the short article from Google about altering the address (see here the Original Page from Google):


Simply get in a legitimate address and wait.

You can discover that out by merely utilizing Google Maps to obtain a legitimate address someplace in the United States

Action 2: Redeem the gift card code

After you changed the House Area you will now enter into Clash of Clans and you will see that if you go on “Buy Gems” you will see them in the currency of your house address ( which will be United States Dollar if you have actually picked some address within the United States).

Action 3: Purchase the complimentary gems

You have actually redeemed the gift card so you have the balance on your Account so absolutely nothing can hold you back from purchasing those Gems now. You can now straight invest them or conserve them

Action 4: Modification back the Google Wallet House Address

After you have the Gems on your account you can change back the address. Often it spends some time till the gems are put in your account so I advise you to wait till you have them prior to you change back. I have no idea if it would likewise work if they have not been put in your account and I do not wish to learn – keep it conserve.

I hope this assists you out in case you do not own a charge card or you live within a nation without Google Play Gift Cards in your house currency.

Ways to utilize iTunes Gift Cards all over the world

Practically the like Google Play– to change to the United States shop you need to go to the AppStore App then “View AppleID”. There you can alter your house address to U.S.A (and get in a state of your option)

change appstore country to use giftcards in india or indonesia itunes change appstore country free gems
I advise you to utilize California, since they do not have taxes on digital purchases, which implies you can really purchase 1200 gems for 9.99 USD without some taxes being included.

Mind that you need to get your balance to 0– if you have an extremely percentage on it invest it or compose the Apple Assistance to eliminate it from your account. From now on you can utilize US-Dollar giftcards. Changing back works the specific very same method.

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