Best 6 Weapons in War Robots

Here are the best 6 Weapons every Legendary Player uses in War Robots.

Choosing the right weapon is crucial to your success in War Robot, especially in Legendary league, so I thought it might be helpful for you when I list here the most powerful and frequently used weapons.

best weapons in war robots legendary league

  1. Thunder (Heavy Weapon that ranges 500m and deals up to 8432 damage, a great choice to always have equipped)
  2. Trident (another Heavy Weapon and a range up to 600m makes this a good alternative to the Thunder)
  3. Taran (Medium Weapon with only 350m range but as hostile as it can get and belongs in every equipment)
  4. Orkan (another Medium Weapon but almost as deadly as the Taran with a slightly lower range of 300m)
  5. Magnum (this Light Weapon is a great thing to have in your arsenal due to its fast firepower)
  6. Pinata (if you don’t have the Magnum available you should choose the Pinata)

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