best attacking strategy for dawn of titans

Best Attacking Strategy in Dawn of Titans

Here you will find the best way to attack and get most troops to survive.

With all the different troops and Titans in Dawn of Titans, there are a lot of ways how you can attack. Today I’d like to show you a good way that will work against pretty much all kinds of armies step by step.

Win More Attacks In Dawn of Titans

I know that many of you have some kind of attacking strategy in Dawn of Titans you’ve been working out over many battles. I have been working out one that works extremely well, also because it will have many troops surviving the battle.

Here is the tutorial on how to use it step by step.

Step 1 – Scouting

First of all, go out there and find an opponent you want to attack – of course, you want to choose one with a lot of Gold and Food.

find right opponent to attack in dawn of titans

The problem is, many of these are well-defended – but this is not a huge problem as your Titan will be the only troop falling in the battle.

Step 2 – Best Army To Attack

The best way to attack is using lots of Grenadiers along with 2 Spearmen units. They will take out most of the enemy army from a distance while your Titan is tanking in front.GRENADIER

The Spearmen protect the Grenadiers just in case or maybe when there are also troops in the back of your Grenadiers.

What Titan?

The best Titans you should use are either Berserkers or Infiltrators because they are fast enough to go for the enemy units while they get decimated under heavy Grenadier fire.

 choose a Relic

Speaking of Titans… don’t forget to use a Relic!

Use the ones that will give your Titan additional health or armor (like Boar Helmet)


Spells are extremely helpful and I recommend you to use either Fireball or Freeze!

The reason is that you can take out Archers or Grenadiers from a distance easily or freeze enemy troops that go after your Grenadiers.

using spells in dawn of titans the right way

Again, your goal is to not lose any of your troops if possible – training new troops will force you to either heal them (expensive, don’t do it!) or create new ones (expensive as well and eating away your profit).

Earn More Gems in Dawn Of Titans


Don’t forget to ask for strong reinforcement troops from your Alliance, they will help you a lot in the goal of not losing any of your own troops!

Step 3 – Army Setup

When the battle starts, you always want to put ALL your Grenadiers in the back, covered by the Spearmen and then put your Titan in front.

Attack Plan

This will end in the Grenadiers taking down half of the defending army within seconds before they can deal any damage.

Here’s what your troops should go after first:

  1. Enemy Titan, he can deal the most damage
  2. After that you need to split up:
    1. Your Titan should go after the enemy ranged troops
    2. Your Grenadiers should go after the enemy melee troops

This will help you having minimal losses and a very high win rate.

Additional Battle Tips

Here are some more small hints that will help you with this strategy (or actually attacking in general):

  • Collect the extra Fireball with your Titan and use it (you’re using a fast Titan so no problem)
  • Tank with your Titan first, it’s not costing you anything when he dies
  • Never use auto-order or auto-commands!
  • Always let your opponent come for you! Then your troops are charged and ready to attack when they are not moving


I use this method a lot, also against stronger opponents and most of the time I win with it, so feel free to try it out 🙂

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