best boom beach base designs

Best Base Layouts Boom Beach HQ 10 – HQ 22

Here you’ll find the best base layouts you can use to defend in Boom Beach for HQ Level 10 to HQ Level 22

Having a solid base format is a standout amongst the most vital parts of Boom Beach. The more grounded your base is, the more prominent your possibility of repulsing assaults, gathering Intel, and sparing your Resources and Victory Points.

Everybody has their own specific manner to set up their base, yet there are four key parts of a base outline that should be considered.

Boom Beach Base Design Tips

Putting your Headquarters is the most critical piece of your base outline in light of the fact that your fundamental objective is to secure it. Distinctive base sorts call for various situations which you can read about beneath. There are a couple of general tenets, in any case:

  • Ensure that whatever number barriers as could reasonably be expected are inside scope of the Headquarters. This keeps players from moving their troops into a feeble spot and wrecking your HQ effectively.
  • Never put your Rocket Launcher(s) ideal by the HQ. This will make the Rocket Launcher’s blind side cover the HQ altogether which makes them pointless against Warriors assaulting it.
  • Flamethrowers ought to dependably be in scope of the HQ. There is no better place to put them. Note that on the off chance that they are touching the side of the HQ, they can assault Warriors on all sides.

Place a few Mines as well as Boom Mines around the HQ to intensely harm Warriors that endeavor to surge the HQ. Try not to put Mines all up against the HQ since one Barrage will take them full scale. Nonetheless, Boom Mines must touch the HQ or else their shorter trigger range will abandon them un-activated by Warriors. Notwithstanding, spreading them out will make it harder for one Barrage to clear every one of them.

Best Boom Beach Base Layouts

Cautioning: Don’t have your protections touching some other building other than the Headquarters as a result of its awesome measure of wellbeing. Big guns has sprinkle harm, which means on the off chance that you have structures touching each other, the Artillery will bargain its full harm to each building which can harm or decimate those structures.

HQ 10 Base Layout

Boom Beach-Best troop comp fro HQ 9 & 10

HQ 11 Base Layout

BEST HQ 11 LAYOUT EVER! - Boom Beach

HQ 12 Base Layout

Boom Beach - Best 2016 Headquarters 12 (HQ 12) Base

HQ 13 Base Layout

Here’s a layout for HQ 13 for Boom Beach that will help you defend

boom beach base layout hq 13

HQ 14 Base Layout

The BEST HQ 14 BASE in Boom Beach

HQ 15 Base Layout

Boom Beach Hq level 15 Base

HQ 16 Base Layout

Boom Beach HQ 16 Base

HQ 17 Base Layout

Boom Beach HQ 17 Base

HQ 18 Base Layout

Boom Beach HQ 18 Base

HQ 19 Base Layout

Boom Beach HQ 19 Base

HQ 20 Base Layout

Boom Beach HQ 20 Base

HQ 21 Base Layout

Boom Beach HQ 21 Base

HQ 22 Base Layout

Boom Beach HQ 22 Base




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