csr 2 racing best tuning option for all cars

CSR 2 Racing – Best Tuning Option For ALL Cars

Tuning is viable in CSR Racing 2 and I will show you how you will always find the best tuning option for all cars and all upgrade levels.

When it comes to Tuning in CSR Racing 2, many people are a little overwhelmed but in fact, you can get a huge turbo boost that can power up your car a lot. I will now show you step by step how you find THE MOST POWERFUL Tuning options for your car.

Best Tuning Option

First of all, you can always see the boost you will get from tuning in the number shown behind your car’s rating:

csr 2 best tuning option

The higher this number, the better your tuning setup so all you need to do is to make this rating be the highest possible – that’s what I will explain to you now.

Many people think that you will need to do hundreds of test rides from the tuning settings menu to find the perfect match, but it’s a lot easier.

You simply open every single upgrade tab (nitro, final drive, tire pressure…etc) and then you go through all the settings from start to end and watch the tuning rating – one of them will be the one that will give you the highest tuning rating and that’s the one you will select.

best tuning option for CSR 2 Racing game

The number that will work best is DIFFERENT for every car, so there’s not one single best number but that’s the way how you find the best option in CSR 2.

So it’s simple as that, but be careful because this is not everything you will need to do!

Different Tuning Level / Upgrade Level

I’d like to show you this picture here of one of my cars:

best tuning settings in CSR 2 Racing

As you can see I’m using the exact same tuning setup but I was changing one upgrade there and as you can see the tuning rating went down.

You probably guessed it right – every single upgrade part & level has an individual perfect tuning option! This means, if you use a Level 4 Suspension upgrade and found the perfect option, it’s not the perfect option for Suspension Level 3!

For the other Suspension Level, there’s another option that works better:

best tuning settings how to find them

With every single upgrade you buy and activate for your car, you will need to go through the tuning settings like I have shown you above another time to find the best option again! Don’t forget about that but that’s the only way how you can get the best times out of your car all the time!

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