CSR 2 Racing – Make Perfect Start EVERY Time

With this technique, you will be able to do a perfect start in CSR 2 Racing every single time

CSR 2 Racing is a game where small parts of seconds decide if you win or lose a race and the most important thing that will determine the time you will need to finish the race is your start – if you do a bad start you will lose a lot of time and often enough (especially in live races) lose the race because your opponent can decide the race already by doing a better start than you do!

So here’s my technique that will show you how you can do a perfect start at any race and with any car!

CSR 2 Racing – Perfect Start Technique

First of all, let me explain to you how a perfect start works and why it is so important.

green zone for perfect start in CSR 2

If the acceleration is within the green zone when the race starts, you will do a perfect start and accelerate as fast as possible – if it’s lower, you don’t have enough power to shift into the next gear soon enough and if you’re above it, your tires will spin and you will also lose precious time.

You probably do your starts like I did in the past by just tapping the pedal for small amount of times over and over and hope it will land in the green zone.

Well, hoping is not a very trustful technique in CSR 2 Racing, so let me show you a far better way now. This technique is actually pretty easy to use because you can completely rely on it.

Step 1: Preparation

Might you have recognized the small dots within the countdown? If not, let me tell you that they are showing you EXACTLY when the race is about to start:

find the perfect start at csr 2 racing

In every number of the countdown, there are 3 little dots showing up before the next number comes and this will be your anchor point – I’ll show you in the next part why they are so important and helpful to you.

Step 2: Get To Know Your Car

Every single car has a different area that is the green zone for a perfect start, so also each car has an individual timing that you will need to find out.

Now go to your tuning settings and start a free race there (you won’t lose fuel or money when trying it out there)

In the beginning, you will simply blow out full throttle so your acceleration is on max.

perfect start at CSR 2 Racing

Now you will need to find the perfect moment when you need to release it so it will land in the green zone.

The little dots that I have been telling you about a couple lines above are not getting into the game – they will help you release the pedal at the exact right amount of time!

When I do it, I just play around and start with when the number 1 is on and the last dot is appearing, if that doesn’t work and I am too early or too late releasing it, I try again and release a little earlier or sooner.

good start at csr 2 racing

Of course, you can’t always land the perfect start but you will get a “good start” as your worst and this is a lot better than gambling by trying to hold the needle around the green zone.

This video here shows some more examples and makes it a lot clearer:

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