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CSR Racing 2 – Win Boss Cars: Times Needed

Here you can see the times you need to win a boss car, you only got one try!

You only have one try to win a boss car and the car from a boss is so unique that there won’t be any other chance in the whole game to win this car again! Here’s what you need to do to really win the boss cars in CSR Racing 2.

Times Needed for CSR2 Boss Cars

The speed that the boss will race is always the same and before you hit the “Race” button, you should check your times in your races and see what time you can normally get.

This is an optional race after you have beaten the highest regular race to take over a crew’s hood.

csr2 boss car race

I personally like to do that in a regular race so I know what time I can beat (and what time I can’t beat).
CSR 2 best time to win boss cars

So here are the times that you should be able to beat in order to have a shot at winning a boss car:

  • T1: KJ’s Toyota 86 Rocket Bunny PR347 13.391s
  • T2 – Ashleigh’s CLA 45 AMG PR453 12.015s
  • T3 – Kurtz’s Mustang HPE750 PR563 10.589s
  • T4 – Victor’s Project 7 PR659 14.179s
  • T5 – Shax’s Agera R PR712 11.958s

Keep in mind that these times are ALWAYS the same!

How To Improve Your Times?

Now, what can you do to improve the time of your car? The best option is by upgrading your car to tier 4 upgrades – before you have that you simply have no chance at winning.

csr 2 racing how to upgrade a car


Another very important thing is selecting the optimal tuning options and they can get you a big boost as well – I have written a solid guide on tuning here that will help you get the perfect tuning setting for every car:

CSR 2 Racing - Best Tuning Option For ALL Cars

If you follow that you should be able to beat the bosses.

Super Nitrous in CSR Racing 2

In case you really want to win the car and don’t want to spend hours of farming together the stuff to upgrade your car to the max, you also have the option to buy a Super Nitrous before the race for the boss car starts:

super nitrous in CSR Racing 2

The downside of this option is that it will cost you real money:

CSR 2 super nitrous

Up to you if that’s worth it to you, but remember that a boss car is extremely unique and there’s not a second chance to win it – and the Super Nitrous will win you the boss car for sure!

However, it’s indeed possible to win a boss car without purchasing the Super Nitrous.

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