CSR Racing 2 Best Cars for each Tier


CSR2 Best Cars for Each Tier (T1-T5)

Here are the best cars and the best F2P cars you should get yourself in CSR Racing 2.

First of all, all cars in CSR2 are fast enough to beat every Tier once you start upgrading them and set them up with a couple of Fusion Parts (and also tune them accordingly, see here my guide for tuning). You will also be able to win the Boss Cars with them, but some of them just require a few more Fusion Parts to do that than other ones and some are also faster when fully upgraded then other ones which will give you a nice advantage over your opponent, especially in Multiplayer Battles! Now I have been putting together two lists for you – the best cars you can get for normal money in the shop and the other one that will show you which cars are the best ones in their Tier 🙂

CSR 2 Racing - Best Tuning Option For ALL Cars

I have been checking the stats when the cars have been upgraded with all Fusion Parts and the best possible tuning on them, so sometimes some cars are better when upgraded than their plain versions are in the beginning compared to other cars from the same Tier.

Best CSR2 Cars Each Tier

First of all here are the best cars you can possibly get, but most of them are not buyable with $ in the shop so you might need to get a couple of imports to get them – but no worries, I have listed the best cars you can get in the shop below.

Tier 1 – Gold GTI

Gold GTI in CSR2No discussions here, the Golf GTI is the best car you can get for Tier 1 – it has the most power and upgrading it makes it simply the best you can have here – keep in mind that you will also appreciate having it when you need to unlock your Elite Licence after beating T5!

Tier 2 – Porsche 718 Boxter

csr 2 best tier 2 t2 car porsche boxterThe Porsche 718 Boxter is the best car you can get for T2, but you have to invest Gold to get it from the shop – in case you’re not willing to spend that, please see the alternative below in the F2P section.

However, you will need this one if you want to get your Elite Licence after finishing Shax mission so investing into this car right from the beginning can be a smart move for you 🙂

Tier 3 – Porsche Cayman GT4

csr 2 porsche cayman gt4 best tier 3 carThe Cayman GT4 is by far the best car you can get at Tier 3, but you can only win this car from imports. This is possible with a little luck but if you look for a good alternative car you can get directly from the shop please check the F2P section below.

Tier 4 – Ferrari F40

best tier 4 car you can get in csr racing 2Even if it doesn’t look like it, the F40 is by far the best car you can get for Tier 4 – however it’s a 5-Star car that you will need to win from the imports with quite small chances. Anyway if you’re lucky enough to get it, you should definitely keep it and upgrade it as fast as you can 🙂

Tier 5 – Koenigsegg One:1

the fastest car in CSR Racing 2The Koenigsegg One:1 got his name because it has the same weight as the amount of horsepower which makes it an insane car to drive and no wonder that it’s the best car you can get. There’s still Hobb’s Road Runner and other seasonal limited cars that are also that fast but today those events are over so there’s no chance to get them anymore…

Now let’s have a look at the F2P cars you should get.



Best F2P (Free 2 Play) Cars in CSR2

Now we’re getting to the part where I listed you the best cars you can get directly from the shop with ingame dollars – they are also good choices you can use to beat the game but in the end they are just a little slower than the ones listed above. If you look for a cool and easy way how you can get some extra Gold and Keys in CRS Racing 2, you might also want to check out this guide I wrote here:

CSR Racing 2 Free Gold and Cash without Hack Tools

Tier 2 – BMW M235i Coupé

CSR 2 best F2P car tier 2Like I already mentioned above, the Porsche 718 Boxter is a little faster at the max upgrade setup, but if you can’t invest the Gold to get it, the BMW M235i Coupé is the best choice when you need a car that you can purchase with CSR Dollar in the shop.

Tier 3 – Ford Mustang GT

Mustang GT Tier 3 best car in CSR2Using the Mustang GT is the best choice if you’re looking for a car that you can purchase directly from the shop with game cash – but you have to be aware that it has a little funny tuning scheme so take a close look when you upgrade it or add Fusion Parts because this can require radical tuning changes 🙂

Tier 4 – GTR

GTR is the best F2P car in CSR 2The best option when you only have CSR Dollars in your pocket and no Gold, you really should go for the GTR which has the most power you can get in the shop for T4 – however, this car also has sometimes a really interesting tuning scheme so watch out when upgrading to always have the best possible option activated!

Tier 5 – Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan best F2p Tier 5 carTier 5 is the home of the cars that you need to unlock in events or from Rare Imports, however often times you will need a car to start T5 with so I recommend you to use the Lamborghini Huracan that offers a solid foundation to even beat SHAX INDUSTRIES.


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