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CSR2 Racing How To Join Best Crew

Here’s how you can find a great crew that will help you getting a load of extra benefits.

There’s no other way to escape it – while signing up with a crew is technically optional in CSR 2, there are more than a couple of reasons you need to sign up with or develop one of your very own.

For one, it enables you to open “boosts and content” by means of your crew perks. Secondly, it enables you to sign up with the Prestige Cup races, where you compete for Respect Points and might possibly win thousands for your whole crew, provided, obviously, you have actually got a qualifying car for the occasion.

Thirdly, signing up with or forming a crew will, eventually, enter into your objectives, and this game does not provide you any choice to re-roll you objectives if you do not like the ones you presently have. As constantly, return the favor when a team member does you a strong, and ensure you’re signing up with an active one with great deals of members!

Win More 5 Star Cars in CSR Racing 2


We are going to be pushing to make the channel crew great again so if you can hit the requirements let me know and I'll add you.


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#2 Via Facebook

Check out this Facebook Group that will help you find a new crew that will fit your needs or you can also recruit new crew members through it.


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