get 3-star & 4-star items in gangstar new orleans

Get 3-Star & 4-Star Weapons, Vehicles & Thugs in Gangstar New Orleans

The best items in Gangstar New Orleans are 3-Star & 4-Star and they will help you a lot.

I know many of you want to get the most powerful weapons, vehicles and thugs in Gangstar New Orleans – and the most powerful are 3-Star and 4-Star and pretty rare in the game. In this article, I will show you how you can unlock them and give you some tips how you can get them more easy.

3-Star & 4-Star Items in Gangstar New Orleans

All items in Gangstar New Orleans are classified by stars – this is not only showing their rarity in the game, this also symbolizes the power of the item.

Take a look here where I compare a 2-Star handgun (fully fused and evolved) versus a 4-Star handgun that has absolutely no upgrade:

fusing items in gangstar new orleans

As you can see, the 4-Star weapon is a lot more powerful and adds more than double the hitpoints to my character even when not upgraded at all!

This means you should always focus on getting them instead of spending cash, booster and jujus to evolve your 1-Star and 2-Star weapons and vehicles! It’s simply not worth it because sooner or later you will get the higher Star items and spend a lot for nothing.

I also wrote about that in my guide on how to save & earn cash here.

Get More Cash & Money in Gangstar New Orleans

How to get 3-Star & 4-Star Weapons, Vehicles & Thugs

Of course, you now want to know how to get them and there are several ways in Gangstar New Orleans to get high-star items:

  • Premium Jars
  • Offer Jars
  • 3-Star Jars
  • 4-Star Pieces

The Premium Jars & Offer Jars have a small probability of getting you a 3-Star item or even a 4-Star item.

which jar you should buy with diamonds in gangstar 5

I know the image looks like there’s a high probability, but from my experience I would say you have like 5% chance for a 3-Star item and less than 1% chance for a 4-Star item.

I recommend you to always use your Diamonds on the Premium Jars, they are 50% cheaper and have the same probability of getting you a 3-Star or 4-Star weapon, vehicle or thug.

I also wrote this guide on all the things you can do to get more free Diamonds in Gangstar New Orleans.

Get More Diamonds in Gangstar New Orleans

3-Star Jars & 4-Star Jars

These jars guarantee you to get a 3-Star or 4-Star item! So there won’t be anything lower in there, what makes them your best choice.

opening 4-star jar in gangstar new orleans


Now the thing is you can’t get them any other way than collecting 2,000 3-Star Pieces or 4-Star Pieces. This sounds a lot, but there are two ways that make it a lot easier for you.

How to Get 3-Star & 4-Star Jar Pieces

Again, collecting these pieces is the only way to get a guaranteed 3-Star or 4-Star item – and it’s completely worth it!

Look at the chances above, you will need to open like 20 Premium Jars (costs 100 Diamonds each = 2,000 Diamonds in total) for a 3-Star item or even 100 Premium Jars (costs 10,000 Diamonds in total) for a 4-Star item – and there’s even no guarantee, you might even have to open more.

So see that collection 2,000 Jar pieces is less work than that.

Dismantle for Jar Pieces!

Over time, you’ll have a ton of 2-Star items in your inventory and as shown on top, they are pretty much worthless to you.

If you dismantle a 2-Star item, you will get 55 pieces for a 3-Star Jar and I if you’re at Level 15 (like played for 1 week), you will have at least 15 items you can dismantle – that’s already half of the pieces you will need for a 3-Star Jar!

dismantle low items for 3-star jar pieces

Again, the 2-Star items are worthless and you get them all the time so just dismantle them.

Don’t be afraid, the game will tell you when it’s the only item of a kind and you won’t be able to dismantle it (sometimes you need certain items to play a mission)

dismantle items security

Turf Wars for Jar Pieces

Turf War is the easiest way to earn rewards – you only need to hold like 2-3 Turfs and play a couple of mission every day to get into a higher League.

turf war promotion for free diamonds

Starting League 5, you will also get some 3-Star Jar Pieces every week!

Make sure to maintain your League or even rise in your League week for week and you will get a 3-Star item every week for free!

get high star pieces from turf wars

It takes a couple of weeks to get into the League, but once you are there it’s an easy way to maintain your level and get a lot of 3-Star pieces just for completing a couple of missions.


As you can see, it’s better to go after the Jar Pieces than saving up Diamonds for a small chance of getting a higher Star item – with some effort you can get one or two of these Jars every week.

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