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Get More Cash & Money in Gangstar New Orleans

Here are the best ways how you can earn a lot of Cash in Gangstar New Orleans without buying it or using any kind of hack

Cash & Money is extremely important in Gangstar New Orleans and pretty much any player out there, including myself, is running short on it. You will need it to buy some awesome outfit stuff for yourself or to fuse & evolve your items. Today, I will show you some tips, how you can earn more Cash in the game without using any hacks, glitches and whatsoever.

Farm Cash in Gangstar New Orleans

All the methods I will show you now, are inside the game so you don’t need do download any tools, visit any website or anything like that (that’s pretty much everything other websites out there offer you).

Steal Cards Achievement

Every day, you will see an Achievement telling you to steal 50 cards and it will give you 5,000 Cash as a reward.

gangstar new orleans achievement stealing cars

Now, 50 sounds much but if you’re in the center of the city you can do this within 4-5 minutes going from car to car.

stelaing cars for cash in gangstar new orleans

This Achievement has multiple tiers as well:

  • 50 Cars get you 5,000 Cash
  • 100 Cars get you 10,000 Cash
  • 250 Cards get you 25,000 Cash
  • 500 Cars get you 50,000 Cash

That’s almost 100,000 Cash for spending half an hour – inside the city you can do 5-10 cards per minute easily.

Save Cash by Fusing & Evolving – Don’t Fuse 1-Star & 2-Star Items

Do not evolve and fuse item when they are only 1 Star or 2 Star items – especially vehicles and weapons! This will not only cost you a lot of boosters, but also money!

You will find 3-Star weapons and vehicles soon enough in the game and then focus on evolving them (and save the money for that) – otherwise, you have a fully evolved 2-Star weapon that is not even as good as a 4-Star weapon that hasn’t been evolved at all!

fusing items in gangstar new orleans

Here you can see that a fully upgraded 2 Star weapon is not even half as good as a fresh 4 Star weapon of the same kind.

You might remember the expression “a penny saved is a penny earned” 😉

Best Missions For Money in Gangstar New Orleans

Next to completing Achievement, completing missions is the only way how you can farm Cash in Gangstar New Orleans – but not just any mission, choose the right mission.

You should always choose the mission that you can complete with 3 Stars as fast as possible – imagine you can complete a mission 3 times in the same time as with another mission in the same Turf for the same reward. (All missions in the same turf are rewarding the same!).

farming cash in gangstar new orleans best mission

As you can see you can complete the one mission 4 times in the same time.

Mission Difficulty

Each mission has multi difficulty levels, but not all offer the same amount of cash per Energy (Remember: Energy is the rarest resource in the game!)

Here’s an example:

  • Difficulty Normal: 43.3 Cash / Energy
  • Difficulty Hard: 34 Cash / Energy
  • Difficulty Expert: 28.6 Cash / Energy

mission difficulty gangstar 5

I know it takes more time to complete the same mission with a lower difficulty, but bottom line you will earn 50% more Cash (and also XP) by not completing the Hard/Difficult Level

Sell Low-Level Booster

Remember the tip about not upgrading the 1- & 2-Star items? Well, the low-level Universal Booster are not really working by fusing more valuable items.

fusing the right items in gangstar new orleans

When you go to your Stash and there you can sell them – you will get the Tier-1 Universal Booster for pretty much all missions, but they will not be nearly as effective as matching boosters (almost 6 times LESS effective) so you will also burn a lot of cash using them.

sell booster and other items for cash

Rather sell them and make a couple of thousand Cash with them!

Using Diamonds to buy Cash

You can also use Diamonds to buy Cash, but this is rather expensive. However, here’s a guide how you can get free Diamonds without spending real money:

Gangstar New Orleans - Free Diamonds & Cash Without Hacks

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