get free diamonds for gangstar new orleans

Get More Diamonds in Gangstar New Orleans

Here you will find all the things you can do in the game to get Diamonds for free and also how to use them more effectively.

Diamonds are an extremely rare and important currency in Gangstar New Orleans – you need them to unlock the more valuable Jars that will give you 3-Star and 4-Star weapons, cards & thugs. I have been pulling all things together that will help you saving up Diamonds to improve your inventory.

Earn More Diamonds in Gangstar 5

Diamonds you can get for free are very limited, but you still have plenty of options to get more than 1,000 Diamonds in the game without spending any money.

3 Star Missions at all Level for Diamonds

If you finish a mission for the first time, there’s an unlock bonus you will get – this bonus unlocks when you finish the mission for the first time at any level and any amount of stars. In total that’s 880 Diamonds plus 55 Turf Jars for free!

get free diamonds for unlocking missions in gangstar 5

So basically every mission will reward you:

  • Normal:
    • 1-Star: 1 Diamond
    • 2-Star: 2 Diamonds
    • 3-Star: 1 Turf Jar
  • Hard:
    • 1-Star: 2 Diamond
    • 2-Star: 3 Diamonds
    • 3-Star: 1 Turf Jar
  • Expert
    • 1-Star: 3 Diamond
    • 2-Star: 5 Diamonds
    • 3-Star: 1 Turf Jar

And this reward can be unlocked for each of the 55 missions in the game!

If you complete a mission with 3-Star on all difficulties, you will get a total of 16 free Diamonds plus 3 Turf Jars.

Let’s say you finished the mission on normal level with 1 3 Stars, you can get additional Diamonds by completing it on hard level with 1 or 2 Stars.complete all missions in expert mode

So always try to finish missions that you haven’t already and then you should do the same for finished missions at a higher level.

Pro Tip! If you 3 Star a difficulty level, you will be able to make the next difficulty level easily!

mission difficulty gangstar 5

Here you can see that 3-Star the NORMAL mission with 1:00 minute will also get you the 2-Star on DIFFICULT (thats 3 free Diamonds for the same time, one for the 1-Star unlock and two for the 2-Star unlock).

Achievement Rewards

There are almost 500 Achievements in the game and many of them reward Diamonds as well. You will get 10 Diamonds for each mission from Alain you complete.

achievements gangstar new orleans

Several of them are easy to accomplish by fusing some items (Attention! Don’t burn cash by fusing – read here what you should fuse and what not)

Get More Cash & Money in Gangstar New Orleans

Don’t waste your cash on fusing vehicles and weapons with less than 3 Stars!

Turf Wars League Reward Diamonds as well

When you raided your fist Turfs, you will take part in the Turf War Leagues. This means other players around the globe will be able to raid your turf.

The more Turf you hold, the more points you will generate that will unlock Boosters and Jar Pieces.

turf war league reward

At the end of each season (one season lasts one week), the top player within each League will get promoted or demoted and also get an extra reward!

Once you reach League 3, you will get some Diamonds at the end of the week. Just make sure that you take over some Turfs and complete missions in the Turfs during the week to get promoted to the next League.

turf war promotion for free diamonds

Simply holding 2-3 Turfs during the week will be enough to get you to League 5 or higher easily.

Use Free Gift Cards For Diamonds

You can also use this trick with AppBounty to earn a free gift card for iTunes or Google Play and then get some free Diamonds from the shop with it.

Gangstar New Orleans - Free Diamonds & Cash Without Hacks

Spending Diamonds Right

A penny saved is a penny earned – sound familiar? You can spend your Diamonds on Jars, Value Packs, Cash or to refill your Energy. I want to show you what the most effective way is and what you should spend your hard-earned Diamonds on.

Don’t spend Diamonds on Cash!

Sometimes you want some shiny new clothes or maybe you’re a little short on Cash to evolve your items – no matter what, NEVER spend your hard-earned Diamonds on buying Cash from the shop!

The value you get is just terrible and there are plenty of other ways to get cash easily (Read here how to get more cash)

Get More Cash & Money in Gangstar New Orleans

Which Jar To Buy

When you have enough Diamonds, you want to spend them on a Jar that will give you something good – often times you see 2 offers in the shop, one for 100 Diamonds and the other one for 150 Diamonds.

which jar you should buy with diamonds in gangstar 5

I know the left one looks appealing, but the Special Jar and the Premium Jar have the SAME chance to get you a 3-Star or 4-Star item!

The special Jar just offers items of one kind, so you’re sure that you will get a weapon, a vehicle or a thug – but that’s it. If you’re not in urgent need of a certain item you don’t want to pay the 50% more!

Again, you’re not guaranteed to get a 3-Star or 4-Star weapon here, the only thing you’re guaranteed to get is a weapon but you will pay 50 Diamonds more for it.

In general, always go for the Premium Jar!

Energy Booster With Diamonds (or other consumables)

We all know the situation when you’re in the mood playing and then suddenly you’re out of Energy – in Gangstar New Orleans you will get an offer to refill your Energy.

gangstar 5 consumables

1 Energy point refills every 5 minutes, so you will pay 30 Diamonds just for playing a little more missions. That’s almost one third of a Premium Jar!

You should rather check out if you can finish some achievements instead than spending that much on the refill.

The same for consumables like Frag & Health Kit – they don’t help you much in a mission and you should rather restart the mission than spending that much on it.


I hope you’ve seen that you can get a decent amount of Diamonds easily and you can make a lot out of it by using it ONLY to buy PREMIUM JARS – they will give you the highest payout for 100 Diamonds!

Also don’t use the online diamond generator you find, I have made a review of them here and they all don’t work at all!

Gangstar New Orleans Hack Review

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