Gizer – The Global Gaming Network

New mobile app aims to connect the entire mobile gaming community, but more importantly – it makes tournaments fun, accessible, and competitive for everyone….

Recently, much has been made in the Clash Royale community about the newly launched mobile platform. So what exactly is Gizer, and why are people talking about it?

Gizer’s intuitive platform connects all members of the gaming community – Gamers, Hosts, Services, Businesses, and Venues – through the wide array of tournaments, services, and products found on the app.


Players hungry for competition can discover tournaments in real-time, filtered by date, interest, and popularity. In the event they can’t find a tournament that grabs their attention? Gamers can create and share their own events instantly. Additionally, there are real-time event details for each event, allowing gamers to easily keep track of passwords, entry fees, prizes, streaming links, etc. The network’s instant connectivity, and easy methods of discovery for tournaments, services, or products enable you to share your favorite content with friends both on and off the Gizer platform.


While tournament discovery is a key component of the Gizer network, the Gizer network fundamentally changes the nature of event hosting. Gizer’s host management tools include the ability to create, organize and run custom events instantly, manage entry fees/payouts, and track gamers joined in real-time, all from within the app itself. Event hosts can leverage their visibility within the Gizer network to grow their reputations, connect with top talent, and even share their events with friends and followers with in-app messaging. Once events are created, hosts can manage or edit their events from their host dashboard, where updates are promoted to participants in real-time. Both hosts and services on the Gizer platform can utilize their respective to dashboards to manage their content.


Gizer’s marketplace allows services, namely individual gamers and businesses, to increase their visibility from within their own community by through the sale of goods and services. For the first time, gamers can now monetize their skills and create their own ‘service’ on the Gizer platform. Additionally, businesses can list their products on Gizer for in-app purchase, enhancing the platform’s marketplace for hosts, gamers, and sellers. Sellers on the marketplace can connect with hosts in need of their skills or products, and can even sponsor events to get themselves noticed by the community. Personalized listings with different offerings, price bundles, and images can be managed and updated in real-time from the services dashboard.


Gizer, still new to the gaming community, presents an exciting opportunity for everyone from noobs to competitive Clash Royale players. Regularly scheduled tournaments from your favorite streamers, cool products, and valuable services are currently being enjoyed by thousands of CR players – to join them, follow the link and download here [APPSTORE LINK].

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