Guns of Boom Next Update

Guns of Boom Next Update Info

Read here everything about the next upcoming update for Guns of Boom

I have here all the info you need to know about all the Guns of Boom Updates that are coming, including patchnotes & release date.

Update 4.0 With Trejo Tournaments (April 17th, 2018)

Wowowow! Looks like we’re heading straight to the Update 4.0 here with new maps, weapons, skins and also the 2 months lasting Trejo Tournament with awesome prizes.

The game has actually typically been a team-based FPS, with 4v4 multiplayer matches. That’s not the only choice, however, as the upgrade bring a brand-new deathmatch Free-for-All mode and it’s every gamer on their own.

That’s interesting news for anybody who wishes to play solo, or simply wishes to take a break from team-based battle for a while.

2 New Maps (April 13th, 2018)

There are two new maps in the Mexico theme coming –Mexico Hecienda and Maxico Canyon.

No official release date is announced yet, but as the famous “Cinco de Mayo”, the annual Mexican celebration day is soon on May 5th it seems to be a great fit for these two new maps.

Update 3.3 TODAY (April 6th, 2018)

Update is incoming Boomers!

See below what’s coming in the update

Update 3.3 (Balancing)

In the next Update 3.3 Guns of Boom is going to rebalance 5 guns: Thanatos, Manticore, Equalizer, Persuader, and Fortuna.
They noticed that machine guns are not very popular among players in the mid-game. To make them more appealing, they’ll buff them, make them more available in the early game, and also make some changes to other guns.
Here’s a list of the main changes with dev comments:
  • Decreased bonus damage to targets with more than 70% HP – Base damage increased by 25% – Headshot damage reduced by 12.5% – Initial price reduced by 12% – Upgrade cost increased by 20%
  • Developer Comments: The Equalizer used to deal tons of damage at the start, but then its power greatly reduced when the target’s health dropped beneath 70%. Now, this machine gun will deal a lot of damage all of the time, with a slight boost on healthy targets.
  • Rate of fire increased by 5% – Initial price reduced by 12% – Upgrade cost increased by 18%
  • Developer Comments: Increased rate of fire means increased DPS. Just a fair and square buff for a fair and square machine gun.
  • Critical hit chance increased by 14% – Critical damage reduced by 27% – Rate of fire increased by 5% – Initial price reduced by 10% – Upgrade cost increased by 20%
  • Developer Comments: This machine gun now brings a little more luck to the owner. The chance to score a critical hit has been increased, eventually boosting the overall DPS. Increased rate of fire helps as well.
  • Damage reduction distance increased from 7 to 8.5 meters
  • Developer Comments: Thanatos is still the most devastating sniper rifle if you consider damage per shot. However, this change will limit the rifle’s use, making it effective only on longer distances. After all, why use a sniper rifle at point-blank range?
  • Rate of fire increased by 15% – Upgrade cost increased by 15%
  • Developer Comments: The Manticore has always been a mighty gun, but it was way too slow compared to other sniper rifles. Increased rate of fire will give it the advantage to compete with other guns in the category.
That’s all the info we’ve got for this update.
The update will be live in a few days so stay tuned and ready 😎

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