Idle Heroes – Best Heroes By Faction

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Here a list of the best Heroes in Idle Heroes ordered by Faction. I was paying close attention that all those Heroes are also easy to 9-Star to make them really strong for end-game.


  1. Barea (PvP & PvE Tank Beast)
  2. Queen (Amazing damage and here Counterattack can win you whole fights!)
  3. Karim (put a HP Stone on him and see him crit like crazy)
  4. Margaret (nice if you don’t have the above ones ready)


  1. Blood Blade (by far the best Hero not only in his faction, also in the entire game!)
  2. Walter (his armor break is a lot better than most people think!)
  3. Aidan (with the 3rd highest crits in the game he is a absolute monster)
  4. Lutz (good against mages with the stun)

idle heroes best heroes in the game by faction


  1. Demon Hunter (with her cc and speed he will be a great help and a must-have in your team)
  2. Rosa (a priest that will make your whole team a lot better)
  3. Groo (best first position tank in the game and with damage reduction artifact and HP stone almost un-killable)


  1. Flame Strike (one of the best in the whole game, her survive ability is nailing it so much and she can destroy anything)
  2. Iceblink (great at CC and can tank & steal the opponents attack)
  3. Ormus (amazing healer that will make your whole team shine)
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  1. Sleepless (survives very well and is a great tank when leveled up properly and almost doesn’t die)
  2. Dark Arthindol (third best CC in the game and her ability to petrify makes your enemy go stone cold often enough)
  3. Das Moge (overpowered at 8-9 Star with the extreme high HP as a ranger and his attacks burns other rangers)


  1. Gerke
  2. Asmodel (buffs your whole team and makes everybody crit harder and his crits are over the rooftop)
  3. Michelle (craziest tank in the game and also a ranger and comes back to live in 90% when getting killed – you get like 2 Heroes for 1!)

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