how to get 5 star heroes in Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes – How To Get 5 Star Heroes

Here are all the ways you can use to get 5-Star Heroes in Idle Heroes.

I have here listed all the ways how you can get a 5-Star Hero in Idle Heroes and also which ones are good ways and also which ones you should not use because they are not very effective at all.

Effective Ways To Get A 5-Star Hero in Idle Heroes

Heroic Summon

The Heroic Summon is probably the most practical way to get a 5-Star summon via the free Summon plus you will also gather energy that will grant you a guaranteed 5-Star Hero once you’ve reached 1000 energy points at the top.

Idle Heroes Heroic Summon

Heroic Summons will grant you at least a 3-Star Hero with the chance to get a 4-Star or a 5-Star Hero so this is actually the most reliable way to go for a 5-Star Hero.

Prophet Tree

The second best way is to get them via Prophet Orbs in the Prophet Tree. To obtain orbs, you need to check back in your limited events tab and check back for seasonal events that will reward you with the orbs needed to summon in the Prophet Tree.

It’s a nice additional way so don’t miss out using the events to get as many orbs as possible.

Tower of Oblivion

Starting stage 155 and above, you’ll start getting 5-Star shards that you can use to get your 5-Star Hero in Idle Heroes so don’t miss out playing this frequently!

tower of oblivion idle heroes

The Guild Shop

The Guild shop is the fourth best way to start getting a 5-Star Hero in Idle Heroes

guild shop 5 star heroes in idle heroes

Guild War, Guild Raids etc. will make you earn shards that you can turn in for Heroes here and you will see 5-Star Heroes there as well quite frequently so make sure to check back here once in a while 🙂

Fusing Heroes

When you play the game for a little while, you will get a lot of double 1 to 4 Star Heroes and in the Creation Circle, you can fuse them together for a chance to get a 5-Star Hero.

fusing heroes guide

It looks harder in the beginning than it really is and like I said, sooner or later you will have so many unnecessary Heroes that you won’t have a lot of problems fusing a new 5-Star here 🙂

Less Effective Ways For 5-Star Heroes

In order to complete this list, I have here also the other ways that are able to get you a 5-Star hero, but I don’t really recommend using them because they are not that effective and cost a ton to use.

Disassembling Heroes

Trashing and disassembling your Heroes can get you shards that you can also turn into a new 5-Star Hero, but it will take you tons of Heroes that you should rather use for fusing than trashing.

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