Lord Mobile Best Heroes & Composition

I have been putting together the best tips on what composition your should use your Heroes in plus my ultimate tips who the best Heroes in Lords Mobile are.

A good team consists of at least 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 or 3 stunners. My team recommendation for f2p players is Child of Light, Prima Donna, Incinerator, Black Crow and Tracker.

Child of Light

Use Oath Keeper until you unlock Child of Light. Child of Light will be our tank. Child of Light got an amazing stun and the reason I recommend Child of Light over Death Knight is because outside Hero Stages his logistic skills for cavalry are just way better. Child of Light is one of the best f2p war heroes in the game and this game is all about war. Child of Light can be obtained once you 3-star Elite Chapter 4-15.

Prima Donna

Prima Donna will be your healer. She’s the best healer in Lords Mobile and Prima Donna can be obtained for free in Chapter 1 as well!

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Damage over time and stunning enemies. Incinerator got amazing magical damage making her very valuable for Hero Stages, Monster Hunt & Colloseum. Incinerator can be obtained once you 3-star Elite Chapter 1-12.

Black Crow

Crazy physical damage. When Black Crow hits, she hits VERY STRONG. Black Crow can be obtained once you 3-star Elite Chapter 1-18.


Tracker got the highest single target damage in the game. Besides killing everyone 1v1 she can also stun enemies. Tracker is amazing. Tracker can be obtained once you 3-star Elite Chapter 2-15.

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