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Marvel Strike Force Best Team Setups

Here’s the best team setup for Marvel Strike Force you should get together.

In Marvel Strike Force the team composition you choose is the most important choice you make – you have to put together characters that have a solid synergy and play together well. That’s the only way how you can constantly dominate your opponent and make solid victories.

I have been putting together the best team setups out there here and you should try to get these characters.

The Best Teams in Marvel Strike Force

No worries, I have here characters that are to get without spending much real money on the game and you can get them without opening orbs for ages.

If you invest your daily energy in unlocking shards from them, you will get this team really soon and will be one of the strongest players in Marvel Strike Force.

You always have to keep in mind that you will need different team setups for different game modes.

Best Team For Alliance Raids

Alliance Raids require you to heal up your team after each battle, so you want to heal them during the battles to save up healing energy which is limited between the different steps.

marvel strike force best team alliance raids

This is why Night Nurse is within this team.

Also, there are many steps that will have multiple waves with lower hitpoint characters, so quake and Bullseye will help a lot getting them out of your way without having to many rounds of getting damage.

Captain America is a great tank for this setup.

Best Team For Blitz

In Blitz you will only need to survive the battle to take the full victory and Crossbone is a must-have character for this purpose – with his special ability he can deal such a massive load of damage on all of the opponent characters that he’s mandatory to take and he can turn a whole battle upside down.

marvel strike force best blitz team setup

The other characters deal nice and solid damage to take down single characters that can be very dangerous or break down a tank fast.

If you see your opponent having Crossbone you need to focus all your damage on him to not risk him reaching his special ability.

Best Team For Nexus Campaign

Here’s a well-working team for the Nexus Campaign. You have a solid mix of area and point damage with the support of a great tank with Luke Cage that will buff defensive power.

marvel strike force best team for campaign

How To Unlock Them

I assume you’re not having all of them unlocked yet, but here’s out guide that will show you how to unlock every single character in Marvel Strike Force:

Marvel Strike Force - Unlock Every Character Guide

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