Super Mario Run Free Coins without Hack Tools

here you will learn how to get more coins in more legal way. and you don’t need to use any hack tools or paying money

In case you are a fan of Super Mario Run, I am sure you have earlier explored the web for a possibility to pick up free Coins because you don’t want to spend your real money for it. The crunch is, quite a huge amount of these search results when searching the internet promote hack tools with generators to generate you money and credits. These are scam tools that will either fraud you, get you on black-market email lists or even might get your account removed


super mario fake

How To Get GEMS For Free In Super Mario Run

The positive news is: There is a possibility that will let you get free Coins :

  •  No Credit Card or PayPal needed
  •  Regardless in what country you live (USA, Canada, India, Indonesia, etc.) – this is for anybody
  • No email address needed
  •  100% legit with Super Mario Run

See yourself, that’s the amount I recently made (these are true screenshots of my accounts):

free giftcards for mobile games without survey

I have iOS, but this could be Google Play Gift Cards as well.

Overall, you see there $200 value in Gift Cards that I used to buy 28,000 Coins with – without spending one single Dollar of my own in just 30 days!

Are you ready to see how? I will now guide you step-by-step how it I did it – I will give you three services that you need to install:

So here’s what you need to do:

Are you ready? I will now show you step-by-step how it works. This whole thing works smooth – I will show you some apps that you need to install (which are free and you can delete them after a couple of minutes again) and you will earn credits for that.

Before you start! (Important!)

The first step before you can start earning free Coins from any country in the world is to sign up for the right tools.

Please make sure to download 1 app at each of them before you continue with this guide. If you’re already signed up at one of them, simply skip the step and get the other ones.

Step 1: Get AppBounty (HERE)

get appbounty for free gems

I’m using AppBounty since 2014 myself and got a lot of giftcards from it (as you have seen above). Simply check back daily for new offers and often they also give away points every day or give you a booster with 15% extra points.

You don’t need anything to sign up (no email or anything else) – simply CLICK HERE to get AppBounty and download at least 1 app.

Step 2: Get FreeMyApps (HERE)

freemyapps free gems for clash of clans

If you’re using Android, this is probably your best choice to get. Bottom line I recommend using all of them because often some of them offer free apps to gain points that the others don’t.

Attention! Don’t be confused that you only see USD giftcards there, I will explain below how you can use them, no matter in what country you’re living 🙂

CLICK HERE to get FreeMyApps (and also get 200 extra points after you downloaded your first app!)

Step 3: Get CashForApps (HERE)

cashforapps for free gems in clash of clans

The 3rd and last tool I recommend is CashForApps. They are able to offer you a lot of free apps you can use to gain points, they also offer the $5 giftcards that are easier to get.

CLICK HERE to get CashForApps.


If you got set up with all 3 of them, you’re ready to continue. I really recommend you to use AppBounty, FreeMyApps and CashForApps at the same time! Often times you will see a offer getting more points on one of them or also offers that you don’t see on the other ones.

I spend like 10 minutes a day doing all of them and get 3-4 giftcards per week easily.

Now that you have done this, you can continue earning points & coins with these apps.

The reason I recommend using all of them is that each of them has app offers that the others don’t offer plus sometimes the same app rewards a higher value on one of these three services.

If you have earned enough points & credits, you can turn them into a real Gift Card for iTunes or Google Play and then buy your Coins with it – like I did with the ones I’ve shown you in the screenshot above.

You see, this is why they are legal and working, you’re actually buying the Coins from the shop but without spending YOUR real money on it.

This will keep your account safe and you don’t need to be afraid of any bans.

You don’t need money or a Credit Card to do that.

I spend about 10 minutes a day completing all of them and get 3-4 Gift Cards every week easily

Now that you have completed, you should continue getting points with them.
When you gathered enough points (or credits), you can get them into legal Gift Cards for iTunes and Google Play to buy your Coins  with – like I was doing in the pictures above.
That’s the reason this is legal, you’re in fact purchasing the Coins from the shop in the game but without paying YOUR real money on it.
You don’t even have to use a Credit Card at all!

 Attention! Continue reading here just because your country doesn’t offer Gift Cards for iTunes or Google Play! I will show you below how you will be able to use them!

Now let me teach you how to use USD Gift Cards from ANY COUNTRY globally!


Free Coins With Gift Cards from ANY Country in the world

I’m aware many of you are living in countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines etc. and you don’t see Gift Cards for your country.
That’s Google and Apple don’t offer Gift Cards in your currency, but there’s a solution for this!

Neither Google or Apple follow at all where you are and I will teach you now how you can simply use USD Gift Cards. All you need to do is:

  • Change the currency of your Google Wallet (Android)
  • Change your location of your AppleID (iOS)

The trick behind this is, that you can use USD Gift Cards to purchase Coins with it and then simply switch back!

Don’t be afraid you won’t lose your account! All you do is setting up a new address and this won’t change ANYTHING on your device or in your apps! You also don’t need to spend the gems right away – they will remain in your Super Mario Run Clash of Clans account no matter where you change your address to!

Attention! I highly recommend using USD because there are no currency swings in USD.

Also set your location to some address in California!

Some states charge an extra tax and you don’t want to waste any of your gift card! California doesn’t charge taxes for in-App purchases.

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Use your Gift Card now and buy your Coins now.
You can to switch back without spending them, they will stay in your account!

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