unlock all level in super mario run for free without jailbreak

Super Mario Run – Unlock All 6 Worlds For Free

Here you find a way how you can unlock all level in Super Mario Run without spending money

Super Mario Run is the first mobile game for iOS and Android featuring the worlds most-known game character of all times and it is the most hyped mobile game in 2017. Featured as a free game in the big app stores, many out there downloaded the game, but after several level you recognize that unlocking all 6 worlds in Super Mario Run costs $9.99. If you search the internet for ways to unlock it without spending real money, you find tons of “tutorial” on how to get it, but they all showed ways to either download a hacked APK or jailbreak your iPhone – both ways that are extremely risky and not worth it at all!

In fact, there is a way how you can unlock all 6 worlds in Super Mario Run without spending money or jailbreaking your device (risking to break it) or downloading a hacked APK (that could infect your device). I will show you how to do it and at the end of the day you will be able to get it from iTunes or Google Play without spending a single dollar of your money or using a credit card.

how to unlock all level in super mario run without spending money

How To REALLY Unlock All Level in Super Mario Run for FREE (Without Download or Jailbreak)

First thing first, the only way to unlock all level in Super Mario Run without any limitation and risk is by getting it from the Google Play Store or from the AppStore – and they want you to spend $9.99.

So, this is where you will need to get it – all other ways are extremely risky as APKs you can download for your Android device OFTEN contain backdoors that might infect your device and jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad will remove your warranty and with the next update your iPhone can be broken and won’t get any repair from Apple.

That’s a whole lot of risk for saving $9.99 – but I know many of you simply can’t spend the money, so  I want to show you a way how you can get a regular gift card for Google Play/iTunes that you can use to buy the game.

Yes, you’ll buy the game but you won’t need to pay anything for the gift card at all!

free minecraft pocket edition

Free Gift Card For iTunes & Google Play

I will now walk you step by step through the whole process what to do – here’s what you need to get Minecraft for free for iOS/Android:

  • your Android/iOS phone (or tablet)
  • about 2-3 hours of time
  • a WiFi connection

That’s it.

There are some apps out there, that will offer you to download some free apps from the AppStore/Google Play Store and then use it for a couple of minutes. You can delete the apps after you got the reward for using it:

get free gift cards for iTunes or Google Play with AppBounty

Every app you use will reward you with credits and after having done this with like 10-15 of them, you’ll be able to turn these credits into a real gift card for iTunes or Google Play that you can use to buy Minecraft.

There are a lot of these ones out there, but only a few have a reliable service that I can recommend using:

I use them for years now and I got like hundreds of dollars in gift cards from it.

free gift cards from freemyapps

Use The Gift Card In ALL Countries

If you#re located in the US, you can simply use the gift card by redeeming it in your account and then buy Minecraft Pocket Edition with it – if not, you will not be able to use the USD gift card without a small trick.

You will need to change your location to the USA shortly, then you can redeem the USD gift card, buy Minecraft in the US store and then return back – no worries, Minecraft will stay on your phone or tablet even if you change countries and you.

Here’s how to do it on Android:

get minecraft pocket edition for free in all countries of the world

Here’s how to do it on iOS:

get minecraft for free on iOS

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