Top 10 Fastest Cars in CSR Racing 2 – More Than 500KM/h!

Here you will see the fastest and best cars in CSR 2 Racing (I excluded the seasonal cars because they are only available for a short period and you’re not able to get them anymore):

  1. Hobb’s Plymouth Road Runner (7.218s)
  2. Aston Martin Vulcan (7.649s)
  3. McLaren P1 GTR (7.685s)
  4. McLaren P1 (7.726s)
  5. Ferrari LaFerrari (7.767s)
  6. McLaren 720S (7.773s)
  7. Hobb’s Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (7.808s)
  8. Chevrolet Camaro HS Customs (7.849s)
  9. Porsche 918 Spyder (7.887s)
  10. Lamborghini Centenario Roadster (7.926s)

So, these are the absolute top notch cars you can get in CSR Racing 2, but I also want to give you some additional advice.

None of this above-listed cars is buyable directly in the shop and you need to win it from Rare Imports – and here’s a way how you can win more cars (including what time you have the best chance to win a 5-Star Car in CSR2):

Win More 5 Star Cars in CSR Racing 2

Also, you can push your car to way higher limits and make it even faster with the right tuning settings, I have been putting them together for you here:

CSR 2 Racing - Best Tuning Option For ALL Cars

Last but not least, upgrading always costs a lot of money, so here’s a nice way how you can get more money in CSR Racing 2 that will help you get a faster car:

CSR Racing 2 Free Gold and Cash without Hack Tools


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