Top Ranked Mario Games

It is impossible to find a video gamer who has not played Mario games at least one in his life. The famous Italian plumber from Nintendo keeps on entertaining several generations. No one will be surprised that he will continue to do so for many years to come. Such popularity often leads to never-ending debates on the question, which is the best Mario game and which you should play next time? Have a look at the following list of Mario Games we consider to be the best from the whole series.

Super Smash Flash 2

001You will enjoy fighting with your famous heroes in the history of video gaming – super smash flash 2 is simply the best. It was inspired by Super Smash Bros. You will play with so many awesome game characters, such as Mario, Goku, Megaman, Pikachu, Sonic or Naruto. It is so entertaining to fight in new arenas and do your best to throw your game competitors out of bounds to score higher points. Super Smash Flash 2 offers varied game modes with a lot of challenges to complete. This is the best what you can find for getting acquainted with the technical gameplay. You can play it directly on any web browser. Super Smash Flash 2 is all about furious and intense battles!

Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga

002The evil ambassador of Vegesia Kingdom has stolen the voice of our dearest Princess Peach. This time, everything goes wrong for Toad, Bowser, and the princess. They are pushed to ask some help of Mario and Luigi. The brother start the challenge to find the voice of the Princess Peach. Our two superheroes came out of the shower and straight embarked in turtle-jet for the Vegessia Kingdom to see at least some clues about the mysterious voice thief. The following Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is a wacky featuring the two favorite heroes of Nintendo world. The game offers a long and exciting adventure. A lot of surprises, discoveries and turn-based battles against cruel enemies are guaranteed.

Super Mario Crossover 3

003Are you ready to lose yourself in the exciting world of the Super Mario Bros that came out on consoles in 1985? You will enjoy playing with the most beloved characters of Nintendo, such as Mario, Samus, Megaman, Link, Simon Belmont, and Bill Rizer. Each character has his own moves and attacks. Another positive point of the game is that it kept the original soundtrack. Do not forget about the bonus of the game – change the “skin” simply by selecting the graphic style that corresponds to the game, such as Super Mario World, Zelda, or even Castelvania.

Super Mario Star Scramble 3

004In this fun game, the Princess Peach is captured again in Super Mario Star Scramble 3. Super Mario has to risk his life to save her by all means! You will have to run, jump, and eliminate numerous enemies across the twelve wacky game levels. The only advice we can give you is to keep a cool head to avoid all the traps you will have to come across. This game is a well-thought adaptation on the saga. It has all of the ingredients that made the Mario Bros series such a success on consoles. Definitely, it is worth playing!

Mario Combat

005The famous and our dear Italian plumber is in a fun combat game! You will be amazed to discover all of Mario’s fighting skills. He will have to overcome the hordes of numerous enemies standing in his way. Mario Combat is a dynamic, action-packed game. Jump quickly on your feet and try not to die before finishing the game!

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