War Robots – Best Chest To Open & How To Open More Chests

Here you will find out which chest is the best choice to open for you and how you can get more chests you can open in War Robots.

In the Black Market, you can open several different chests and in this tutorial we’re going to talk about which of these chests are the best possible choices for you – Bronze Chest, Silver Chest, Gold Chest or even Super Chest?

Of course, you can’t compare the chests when you only take a look at a single chest but I wanted to compare the total price in terms of the total reward so I opened 100 Bronze Chests, 10 Silver Chests & 1 Golden Chest and compare the rewards here.

war robots best chest to open and how to open more chests

In case you don’t want to watch the video above, I want to give you my own results here directly.

  • Bronze Chest: Well you will get a ton of cheap stuff here and even if you can open a ton of them for the same price, it’s very unlikely that you will score a big prize here
  • Silver Chest: Way better rewards and at a reasonable price and also the potential to get some solid equipment and robots plus good amounts of Gold
  • Golden Chest: The highest rewards possible with a good chance to get some good equipment, but if you’re unlucky you just get junk and wasted 1,000 credits for it that you should rather spend for opening 10 Silver Chests.

Talking about credits, here’s a nice guide that will show you how you can easily get more without spending your real money on it:

Walking War Robots Free Gold without Hack

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