win turf wars multiplayer in gangstar new orleans

Win Turf Wars (Multiplayer) in Gangstar New Orleans

Here’s what you need to do to beat everyone in Gangstar New Orleans Multiplayer (Turf Wars)

A lot of people are asking around, how multiplayer mode in Gangstar New Orleans work – so I want to explain to you how it works, how to beat your enemies and how to unlock extremely high rewards such as Diamonds, free 3-Star Jars and 4-Star Jar pieces every week with little effort.

Gangstar New Orleans Multiplayer

The Multiplayer Mode in Gangstar New Orleans is called Turf Wars and it’s about defending your Turfs and raiding enemy turfs.

gangstar new orleans multiplayer

Every mission you do will gain your influence in a certain district and once your influence is higher than 50%, you can take over the turf by raiding the headquarter of the district.

Now the district is yours and you will gain 500 jar pieces every 10 hours when you’re able to defend your turf against enemies during that period.

turf rack rewards

Your opponents (the other player out there) will be able to gain influence themselves now and then raid the headquarter and take it over from you.
multiplayer mode gangstar new orleans

For every mission, you play and every turf you hold, you will get Turf War Rewards that will give you jar pieces and boosters and at the end of the week, you will get promoted to a higher League or demoted.

turf war promotion for free diamonds

Getting promoted is easy, it’s enough to maintain 2-3 turfs during the week and you will reach League 6-8 easily.

By the way, you will get some nice rewards if you are in League 3 or higher!

turf war league reward

Asynchronous Multiplayer

I know that many of you expect a multiplayer mode to be like the one GTA 5 where you can have real-time fights against other players.

Right now you will be able to raid the turfs against the account of the other player, but I’m very sure that Gameloft will add a real-time multiplayer to the game soon.

How To Win In Turf War

I think you see why Turf War is extremely important to you – high rewards for low effort! Imagine you can get the Diamonds for a Premium Jar plus a 3-Star Jar every week for just playing a little bit!

Here are some tips that will help you rise in Turf Wars and win easily.

Defend Your Turf!

If you have raided a turf, you’re able to place some of your thugs there to defend it.

defend turf in gangstar new orleans multiplayer

It’s extremely important, that you have as many thugs in your turfs as possible, even if they are only 1-Star. The reason is that your opponent will be demotivated when he sees that and might go after another turf instead (that is owned by another opponent – you only share one district with the same player!)

check for defending thugs

I know you just think that you can easily raid it back, but remember that you will only get the 500 Jar Pieces from the district when you hold that turf for the whole period – if it’s raided in between you’re starting from zero again!!

Thugs Defend, Assign Them!

You can send your thugs out to do missions for you – that’s extremely handy as it only takes 1 minute of waiting and you will get the full reward for the same Energy costs.

Holding turfs is on the other side much more important! After your thug completed a mission, he will get a cooldown of 1 hour where he can’t do other missions or defend your turf!

After your thug did a mission, DO NOT FORGET TO ASSIGN HIM BACK TO YOUR TURF!

Thugs that did a mission will not automatically be assigned back to your turf!

assign defending thug with cooldown

The thing is, when you don’t have defending thugs, opponents are motivated a lot more to take over from than if your turf is not defended.

I personally also like to go after turf that are not defended than going for a turf full of thugs.

check defense of turfs

Look at the picture, which turf would you go after? The reward is the same when it comes to Turf War points.

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Less is More

If you take over a turf and you don’t have some thugs to defend it, it’s very likely that you will lose the turf shortly after that.

I have a turf covered by my strong thugs and it hasn’t been raided in days while the turf that I only have 1 or 2 thugs in gets raided all the time – I’m missing out the reward a lot of times making it less valuable to me.

defend turf in gangstar new orleans multiplayer

My point is, only take over a turf if you have at least 4 available thugs to defend it, otherwise it’s not really worth it.

Don’t try to hold as many turfs as possible, try to hold the some of them continuously!

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Select the right Turfs

If you are about to take over a district, you probably have different ones. Here are some general tips what you should consider:

  • Turfs that get unlocked at later level will give more points
  • You will always get matched against similar level player, so taking lower turfs doesn’t mean that only weak player will see it (otherwise I could place 2 3-Star thugs in French Quarter, but that’s not possible)

My advice is, to go after the turf where you do farm missions for experience and cash! The higher turfs (the ones that you unlock later in the game) offer the missions with the higher rewards that I also use to farm.

turf war more points

The difference is huge, because it’s PER MINUTE – so every hour it will be 480 points, 11.5k per day and during the whole week 80k points, that a lot simply for owning another turf.

By doing this, I will automatically keep my influence high in that turf.

multiplayer mission

Even the Expert Level mission in lower districts will not give you that high rewards as Normal Level missions in higher turfs!


As you can see, with some simple tricks you can be good in the Turf War without spending a lot of time and Energy on it – simply focus on some turfs and defend them.

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